eccc2017bankshotDark Horse has just been rocking out fun new titles as of late and at Emerald City Comic-Con 2017, they have announced a new one named ‘Bankshot!’ It is a creator-owned comic from Alex de Campi (‘Grindhouse’,’Archie vs. Predator’) with art being handled by ChrisCross (‘Convergence: Justice League of America’) that has Snakebite on coloring.

In ‘Bankshot’ we see Marcus King who is a billionaire that also happens to live his life in the style of Robin Hood. Many think of him as “a terrorist and a deserter” though things will quickly become obvious that we’re not getting the entire story from either side of the law. Working freelance, “Marcus is hired by the Russian government to take back an old KGB laboratory in the Ukraine” which is when our story picks up. He comes in contact with one of his old acquaintances who knows everything about Marcus’ past that has been shrouded in mystery. The truth is something he doesn’t want coming out as it would destroy the life which he has built.

Now, we’ll have to see Marcus “become for real the man he has always pretended to be. He also needs to punch a shitload of dudes and blow a lot of stuff up.”

It sounds like a fun little action-thrill ride that will have a slew of conspiracy and spycraft involved!

According to Alex:

“I’ve wanted for a while now to write a really no-holds-barred action story, and to be able to work on it with ChrisCross (along with Snakebite making it all explode into living color) is a dream come true. We’re having so much fun with this book, dropping our characters into impossibly dangerous situations and having them blast their way out again.”

ChrisCross adds that:

“I was in another massive project when Alex approached me with Bankshot. When I read the first script, I was hooked. I was always a fan of the anime Spriggan, and in being a part of this project, I realized I could be unleashed on this project just like Ryouji Minagawa did on that manga. Once the other project evaporated, I wasted no time getting this book ready to go. Everyone will love Marcus and co. It’ll boom like a lit cigarette in a leaky gas station!”

Not only is the writer fully invested in the spy angle but if you’ve read ‘Spriggan’ at any point then you’ll know that ChrisCross is as well! This comic should be the perfect release for fans of spies and action everywhere.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Bankshot’? Are you excited to see what Alex de Campi has written for us this time around? Share your thoughts below!

Dark Horse will bring ‘Bankshot’ to comic shops on June 28th, 2017!

Source: Dark Horse

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