When you stop and look at the production companies and parent companies behind ‘Lost’ and ‘Inhumans,’ namely ABC Studios and Marvel, which are both under the Disney company, it is not really that surprising to hear that the folks behind the ‘Inhumans’ series are supposedly in talks with a ‘Lost’ veteran to take on a major role on their show. It happens all the time across the film and television industry, especially once you realize what companies own what shows. The frustrating part is that at this point, we have no idea what role we’re talking about or what ‘L0st’ actor is being discussed. The rumor comes to us from Jeff Sneider of The Tracking-Board during this past week’s Meet the Movie Press, where he claimed he had a piece of ‘Inhumans’ casting news but he could not release it just yet, so instead he gave a small tease about the casting news instead:

“A Lost veteran, I think, is getting a big role in Inhumans. There’s like 80 people in Lost. Good luck figuring that out.”

If you are anything like me your mind probably went to Matthew Fox, and the only role for the man who saved the Island would, of course, be the King of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, especially since the man has proven he is capable of being the leading man on a television series and of saving the day countless times (of course, if he did play Black Bolt, who cannot speak because his voice has the power to destroy everything around him, it would mean a non-speaking role for Fox, which he may not be entirely into). Others have thrown around the possibilities of it being Naveen Andrews playing Karnak, or Daniel Dae Kim or Ken Leung playing Triton, which would give the show the additional benefit of adding some diversity to the cast (even though Daniel Dae Kim is currently on ‘Hawaii Five-0’ on CBS I believe).

Do you have any theories on what character they may be casting, and who the ‘Lost’ star is that they could have in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source:  Meet the Movie Press