While Guillermo del Toro got our hopes up for ‘Hellboy III‘ earlier this year they were recently crushed when it was announced that the film wasn’t going to happen. Now, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has chimed in about the film and it looks like he may be the root cause of our lack of another film.

I’m a little torn on this. On the one hand without Mignola we wouldn’t have Hellboy, to begin with, and on the other, c’mon man we all wanted a trilogy endcap! I know, no use in crying over spilled milk but it would have been great to see Perlman suited up one last time.

Here is a rough translation of an interview which occurred in the French publication Le Figaro:

I was not very happy with the way he did that, just publishing a Tweet. I would have been very pleased to see Guillermo with Ron Perlman, who has played Hellboy on the screen since 2004, and discussing this sequel. Ron and I had seen each other. Then, Guillermo made this [show] on the Internet. I said to myself: “Call me if you want to talk to me, do not go through the Internet, you have my number.” I think we’ve both evolved in separate directions since the second Hellboy. I look forward to seeing what he will do next, but I do not see us working together again. He has his idea for the next Hellboy but, in all sincerity, I do not see him [realizing] the film. Too much water has flowed under the bridges from Hellboy 2.

It didn’t really look like Guillermo was trying to game the system here but just get people excited. I don’t know if it was the pitch that he made to Mignola or just trying to stir us up, but something rubbed him the wrong way. That appears to be the reason as to why ‘Hellboy III’ will never be materialized. Or, to be more specific, here is how he explained it on Facebook:


So, it still doesn’t clarify if del Toro’s pitch was bad or just how he handled things which prevented production. The one good thing? Mignola isn’t opposed to seeing Hellboy show up again in cinematic or televised form at a later date.

Who would you like to see play Hellboy if it were ever to happen? Share your thoughts below!

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