iron fist

We are only a few short weeks away from the release of ‘Iron Fist‘ on Netflix, which of course means the hype machine is in full gear for the latest entry intro the Netflixy corner of the MCU. The newest featurette released delves into the character of Danny Rand himself and is narrated by Finn Jones, who gives his take on the character and what he is experiencing as the series begins.

Similar to the origin story of one Oliver Queen over on the CW, it seems Danny Rand’s story will begin with a tragic travel accident, only Danny’s involves a plane ride and crash into the mountains, and the man will be missing for 15 years, a time during which his childhood friends Joy and Harold Meachum will take over the Rand company due the “death” of Danny and his parents. During that time Danny has trained to become a warrior and the Iron Fist, even receiving what he explains to be the mark of the Iron Fist on his chest. When he finally returns to New York, thinking perhaps he can leave his destiny behind, he discovers that his friends do not believe he really is Danny Rand, and that his company has a darkness about it that he did not expect, and that New York itself is going to need him after all, because it is his destiny to be the Iron Fist and face that darkness.

The featurette shows off a lot more footage from the new series, including new faces we had yet to see from the other trailers, including Madam Gao who fans will remember from ‘Daredevil,’ and many had guessed would have ties to the Danny Rand storyline due to her mystical origins, and hints that she came from a place “much further away than China.” We of course also got to see more scenes with Danny and Joy and Ward, as well as more of Colleen Wing, all of whom will clearly play very important roles in the series, especially in helping Danny figure out his place in New York and what he will have to do to fulfill his destiny and become the hero he needs to be.

Check out the featurette for yourself below, and than share your thoughts on ‘Iron Fist’ in the comments section below!

Source: EW