us-avengers-4We haven’t seen much of General Maverick as Red Hulk after he’s taken over the job but Al Ewing is promising us that will change when ‘U.S. Avengers’ #4 is released next month. After the first three issues, they only had a single one before the “Secret Empire” story arc takes over Marvel’s titles, and they wanted to give us some serious smashing in this one. Oh, and he’ll have Deadpool helping out who was such a huge fan of General Ross after the ‘Thunderbolts’ disbanded.

I can’t wait to see how he’ll handle a new Red Hulk and one who can keep his mustache for that matter.

What is interesting about this tale is that we’ll be seeing Maverick back to his introduction in ‘Avengers: Standoff!’ when he turned a soldier into an American Kaiju to try and stop Roberto da Costa’s team after they had broken into S.H.I.E.L.D. and were briefly labeled as terrorists. Now, a rogue American Kaiju is on the loose and Maverick will have to catch it before his pet project causes a little too much destruction.

For those unfamiliar with the American Kaiju, Ewing describes them as:

“American Kaiju is a giant lizard monster with the US flag painted on his face like Nuke.”

So what really prompted Ewing to go with a Red Hulk and what other details did he want to share about the story?

“I wanted to go solo on Red Hulk; he got some play in [U.S.AVENGERS #1], but since then he’s been stuck in human form waiting for his “hour of power” to come around again, so I figured the readers deserved 20 full pages of smashing Red Hulk action! We get to see his idea of a stealth op when he’s tasked with infiltrating the small and fictional country of Lichtenbad—nestled on the borders of Latveria and Symkaria—to fight a rogue, rabid American Kaiju!

And what’s a crossover without guest stars galore? I hear that Deadpool guy is pretty big these days—he was in a film, as I recall—and he’s one of the few Marvel characters I’ve not actually written yet. Putting Deadpool in issue #4 is the new thing across all my books, as readers of ROCKET will soon come to learn.”

Speaking of Deadpool, what kind of a role will he have in this issue?

“Well, mostly he’s bouncing off General Maverick, but it’s some fun bouncing, although we’ve made the classic error of taking away his power of speech for the bulk of the issue. It’s like I never even saw that movie.

But essentially, he’s there to poke fun at a couple of cherished genre conventions—I’m pretty sure that’s how it generally goes with a Deadpool guest spot—and he’s bringing along a fabulous new/old villain who’s the great-grandson of one of the forgotten heroes of the Marvel Monsterverse! Who could it be? There’s no telling, unless you’ve already read the solicits for this issue!”

When talking about working with Paco Medina who handles the art for the issue, he had nothing but good things to say as:

“Paco is a genius when it comes to fun and action; he’s got a clear, clean, un-muddled style that pops off the pages, and every single panel just begs for dialogue. His art on this issue in particular inspired me to add in a whole bunch of additional gags that weren’t in the plot, and we’re passing the savings on to you, True Believer!”

Are you looking forward to seeing an issue of Red Hulk taking on a Kaiju? What kind of epic smashing do you think we’ll see occur? Share your thoughts below!

U.S.AVENGERS #4 arrives in shops and on stands on March 15.

Source: Marvel

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