doctor-strange-blu-ray-493x600Continuing their quest to flood the internet with ‘Doctor Strange’ material and remind everyone about the Sorceror Surpreme’s arrival on digital HD this week, and his immiment arrival on Blu-Ray at the end of the month, Marvel has released another new clip from the ‘Doctor Strange’ special features. This time, the clip is basically some of the outtakes from the end tag of the film, where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) appears in Strange’s home, the Sanctum Sanctorum, and the pair discuss Loki’s arrival in New York and how Thor and his brother are searching for their father Odin, all of which makes Strange uneasy as he knows Loki is a threat. So he agrees to help Thor find his father to speed his journey out of New York, thus teasing the involvement of Doctor Strange in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and getting a lot of fans very excited.

In the special features clip, it is discussed how both Hemsworth and Cumberbatch are both very comedic actors despite being well known for their more dramatic and action filled roles, and got on quite well together while shooting the end tag, even hinting that some of the scene was improvisation, as is the standard apparently for some of the end tags done in the MCU. The footage also reveals some parts of the tags shot from different angles, with the characters standing and talking even more than we saw at the end of ‘Doctor Strange,’ which makes me wonder whether they cut out a lot of things out or whether they shot more and ended up just saving it to use later in ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ Check out the Tweet below to see the video for yourself.

Are you excited to see all of the special features on the ‘Doctor Strange’ blu-ray, or do you think by the time it actually lands on February 28th you’ll have already seen everything on the internet? And do you think that Doctor Strange will really play a significant role in the ‘Thor’ sequel or will it be more of a cameo? Share your thoughts in the comments below!