In 2015 we lost one of the great fantasy writers of our time in Sir Terry Pratchett and now we’re being given a chance to hear what his long time friend and collaborator Neil Gaiman said in tribute to such a great man. While Gaiman’s tribute had originally been “published as an introduction to Terry Pratchett’s 2014 non-fiction collection A Slip of the Keyboard,” this is the first time you can both see and hear it.

While sprinkled with a bit of their style of humor, it is quite a bit more moving than just reading it in print.

This tribute was given in April of last year when both friends and colleagues gathered for a memorial service for this iconic storyteller.

Not only were the two friends but they co-wrote one of my favorite books of all time together in the 1990 release of ‘Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter.’ The Novel is currently being adapted into an Amazon series by Gaiman.

You can watch the moving tribute right here:

While that did bring a few laughs out, if you’ll excuse me for a moment I believe that I have something in my eye. Clearly, this is a friendship that Gaiman will sorely miss.

Do you feel that Neil Gaiman did a perfect tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett? Will the upcoming televised version of ‘Good Omens’ be a continued tribute toe Pratchett? Share your thoughts below on the loss of such an amazing creator.

Source: BBC

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