kingpin-2The first issue of Marvel’s new ‘Kingpin’ series has Wilson Fisk trying to move on with his life in apparently legitimate circles but according to writer Matthew Rosenberg, in order to do that, he is going to have to deal with the past. In the first issue, he is working on recruiting a young reporter to tell his memoirs so that people stop talking behind his back and he can find a place in proper society. However much he wants to try and control the narrative, the very first issue ends with a scene that makes it look like Wilson hasn’t nearly let go of his past. From the get go it’s hard to tell if we’re truly seeing a reformed Fisk or if the Kingpin of Crime has something more devious up his sleeve.

The entire concept is interesting as this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fisk try to go legitimate and while I can’t see him going the hero route there are quite a few ways that they could take his character and keep him a major player in Marvel without being a criminal.

Not only that, but in ‘Kingpin’ #2 we’re going to really start taking a look at what the Kingpin has done through his career. According to Rosenberg the idea that Fisk has is simple:

“Kingpin is trying to move forward in New York’s elite social circles. In order to do that, he has to confront some of his past. He wants to get out ahead of it. He wants to control the narrative on who he was and what he did.”

Only, this retelling of some of his stories is going to be strictly through his eyes as mentioned above. I’m not going to lie when I say that I’m eager to see some of his more horrific moments being justified through however Fisk plans on spinning his tale:

“In order to do that he is going to have to address some dirty deeds. But it’s filtered through his perspective. So we are going to revisit some dirty deeds throughout the series, but maybe not the way readers have [seen] them before. And pretty much anything is fair game. If he was old enough to remember doing it, it might come up.”

While Fisk has spent time abroad for business and while on the run, this entire series will take place in New York. Being in the Big Apple means there will be plenty of opportunities to meet up with both some of his past business acquaintances in the form of both villains and heroes:

“Well, we are staying in New York City for the most part.

Fisk has big plans and he wants to make sure NYC is at the heart of them all. But this book that is being written about him will dig up some dirt that he prefers would stay buried. Going forward Fisk is going to have to come face to face with people he’d rather be done with on both sides of his past: Tombstone, The Owl, Hammerhead, and maybe even a horned hero. And figuring out how to beat these demons from his past once and for all is the major driving force for Fisk now.”

What I am truly most interested in though is where Rosenberg plans to take the character. While he isn’t sharing any true hints of the direction that we’ll be seeing Fisk moving quite yet, it clearly will be one that really shakes things up:

“I think the one thing I would say is that Fisk is confronting his past so that he can move forward. This isn’t just a fun nostalgia trip for him. Where he is going and where he came from are very related. And if his plans work, if he can move forward, the whole Marvel universe is going to take notice.”

Do you think we’ll be noticing this change in a good way or bad? What are your thoughts on the recently returned ‘Kingpin’ to New York? Will this all be a master charade or is he truly turning legitimate? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Did you enjoy the first issue of ‘Kingpin’? Do you feel that we’re going to get a reformed Wilson Fisk moving forward or will he forever be the criminal that we’ve seen throughout the years?

‘Kingpin’ #2 will be released on March 8th, 2017.

Source: Marvel

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