The quest for the Belmont family to take down Dracula is moving forward at Netflix as ‘Castlevania‘ is getting a television series! At this time, we don’t know for sure if it is the one which Adi Shankar was putting together with Fred Seibert though chances are they are one in the same. The press release wasn’t super specific about what to expect, just that the first season of a ‘Castlevania’ based series had been greenlit for at least two seasons and would be coming later this year.

With ‘Stranger Things’ sophomore season coming in October already for the Halloween season it seems that we’ll be seeing the Belmonts facing off against Dracula at a different time of the year. Of course, the network could just double up the shows.

While we have no definite knowledge of a plot or who is behind it at this time we do know that Shanker and Seibert have both made comments about working on this series for quite some time which would make sense if they were still spearheading it for the network.

If this is the work that the duo have had in mind for quite some time it will be an animated series as well though the press release didn’t mention if we were getting a cartoon or live-action property.

What we do know is that the amazing Warren Ellis has written the season one finale which promises that we’ll have a dark and introspective series if they all follow his usual writing style.

Hopefully, this will fare better than the majority of video game to movie adaptations that we’ve seen in recent years.

Are you happy to hear that we’re going to be getting a ‘Castlevania’ series on Netflix? Do you think this will be the animated one mentioned above or a live-action one by a different creative team? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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