We recently learned that Paramount had pulled ‘World War Z 2‘ from its upcoming list of scheduled titles and rumors are surfacing that David Fincher might be being tasked to direct the film. While the movie has no set release date and its very creation might be in question, it sounds as if Fincher is “very creatively interested in directing the movie” according to a source close to the film.

That being said, even a Brad Pitt starring blockbuster could be in huge trouble if they don’t find a way to move forward on it soon and hit a 2018 or even 2019 release date to capture back the audiences who enjoyed the first installment. Waiting too long in a world already infected by too many zombie films and shows could end up badly for production.

According to the source:

“He really would like to do it. It’s up to Paramount.”

Part of the problem has been Paramount chief Brad Grey not greenlighting the film even though the original pulled in $540 million in worldwide sales. Hell, Skydance Productions was set to co-produce and co-finance the film which makes the financial aspect even stranger as Fincher was apparently set to create the film with a budget much lower than the $190 million of the original.

Hearing about this delay and possibly even cancellation isn’t all that surprising with all of the production issues from the first film.

Do you think that David Fincher would be the perfect director for ‘World War Z 2’ or is this a franchise that just won’t be able to get off the ground? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter

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