With the Christmas special now firmly in the rearview mirror it’s time to start preparing for a new season of ‘Doctor Who’, and from what we already know, the upcoming season promises to be a landmark in more ways than one. Not only will the tenth season see the departure of longtime showrunner Steven Moffat, we have of course learned that Peter Capaldi will also be turning in his TARDIS key by the end of 2017. With so much change on the horizon, fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there will be at least one familiar face popping up this year.

That would be the face of Michelle Gomez as Missy, the most recent incarnation of the renegade Time Lord known as the Master. While Gomez’s return for the upcoming season was first announced by the BBC back in October, a newly released video places the Time Lady on set. While the video is mostly lighthearted fun, it nonetheless manages to tease the mischief Missy who will surely be up to something when she returns as she shows herself to be hard at work on something that “begins with a T… and ends with an ARDIS.”

You can check out the video here:

In addition to this, Gomez has also hinted at the nature of her character’s interplay with new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie. As Gomez put it to the Radio Times:

“I’m very excited to see what [Bill] will do. I’m more excited to see what Missy will do with her.”

It should be particularly interesting to watch this play out, as Missy’s interactions with Clara proved to be one of the highlights of the ninth season’s two-part premiere.

The tenth season of ‘Doctor Who’ is expected to premiere in April. In addition to returning star Peter Capaldi, the season will feature Matt Lucas, Pearl Mackie, and of course, Michelle Gomez. The season will culminate in this year’s Christmas special, as both Capaldi and Moffat bid their farewells.