The first season of ‘Preacher‘ took the comic’s initial premise and ran in a completely different direction by adding both original material and alternating existing ones all in a way that lead perfectly to just about where the first comic was, and now we’ve got our first look at the second season. Chances are this adaptation of Garis Ennis and Steve Dillon will start really digging into the meat of the first few issues while continuing on its own path in the second season but at the very least it doesn’t look like we’ll be losing any of the violence or gore. This first behind-the-scenes shot to celebrating production beginning was shared by Dominic Cooper and you can see it right here:

Which was followed shortly after by:

Many of the hardcore fans weren’t particularly pleased by the changes made to the series and some of them were a bit offputting with exactly how much ended up different from what was on page. That being said, it did keep the spirit of the show quite well and made sure to prove that it wasn’t going to be predictable in the slightest.

Outside of one story being told extremely early though the first season did end where the comic really kicked off so it is hard to judge things too harshly until we see what they do in Season 2.

Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Preacher’? What did you think about the changes from the source material? Share your thoughts below!

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