Talulah Riley

Well, we may not be getting a new season of ‘Westworld’ until 2018, but at least there is still some small bits of news that we can receive from the production while we settle in for the long wait to return to HBO’s beloved new franchise. It seems that Talulah Riley, who played the beautiful host Angela during ‘Westworld’ Season 1, will be getting a promotion to series regular during the second season of the series.

If you do not remember her, she was the Host who first welcomed William to the park and got him set up with clothing and weapons before he got on the train into the park proper, and who offered him his first sexual experience with a Host (which he turned down since he acted all moral at first). Later, in the present storyline, she was recognized by the Man in Black William while out in the field, who commented that he was surprised Ford had not “retired” her yet, an early hint about the Man in Black’s true identity as William and his age, as she was the connecting Host between his younger and older self. In the present, we learn she is a member of Wyatt’s gang and believes in Wyatt’s vision for the future, which I suppose now that we know Wyatt is Delores, means she works for Delores ( maybe?) which could explain why she will be a series regular in Season 2. Maybe she will be Delores’ right-hand woman as her reign of terror in the park commences.

Either way, it is good to see some changes are coming to the cast, and that moves are being made, as I am very hungry for any news about ‘Westworld’ Season 2, and cannot wait to start getting into some hints about the plot of the next season, so we can start speculating about what the show-runners have in store for us.

Source: Deadline

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