If the rebooted ‘Tremors‘ TV series wasn’t enough for you, we’ve just learned that ‘Tremors 6‘ is set to start filming next week! Yes, the Graboids are going to be around in two different worlds as both a streaming series as well as the still ongoing movie franchise are both moving forward full steam ahead. Following up after ‘Tremors 5: Bloodlines’ we’ll be seeing Michael Gross returning as everyone’s favorite gun enthusiast and survival expert Burt Gummer while Jamie Kennedy is set to reprise his role as Travis Welker who we’ve learned is Gummer’s son. That last piece of news might not be great for everyone as some fans of the series weren’t thrilled with his performance in the last film.

However, if you did enjoy the previous installment in the franchise then you’ll be happy to hear that Don Michael Paul is returning to direct so expect the upcoming one to have a bit of the same tone and pacing.

The news came from Gross himself who has often been the source for updates for the films:

Not giving any secrets away is a key point here as at this time we’ve heard no details for the film though it is likely to take part directly after the events from the last movie. My guess is that it will have father and son working together on a monster hunt in their reality show from the end-scene credits that has them stumble upon an entirely new breed of Graboids.

While I’d love for the secrecy to actually somehow tie in to Kevin Bacon‘s ‘Tremors’ TV series, that one is a reboot which Gross claims to not be involved with.

Are you looking forward to ‘Tremors 6’? Do you hope that it will tie directly into the last installment or go off into new territory? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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