We’ve known for awhile that there were talks for the return of Fox’s ‘The X-Files‘ and now it seems those talks are paying off as the series now has a 2018 release date. Not quite as soon as fans would have liked after that horrible cliffhanger from the revival series but thankfully answers of some kind are now in our future. Considering the delay, it seems that bringing Agents Mulder and Sculley back to the small screen is taking a lot more work that initially had been expected.

Thankfully, progress has been made as we’ve learned from the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. Word came directly from Fox’s president David Madden. While he didn’t give official confirmation on the spot, he did say that the network has high hopes that they would “have an announcement shortly” in order to bring back the revived series.

Things look good for the most part outside of the “complex” schedules of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson so it would seem that once the schedules of the two leads are fully locked down is when we’ll be getting word of the next steps for the series.

While they are aiming to have more than the six episodes seen in the revival, it was previously stressed that we shouldn’t expect the 22 episodes of the previous full seasons. I suspect we’ll be getting something closer to a 10-12 episode run when the official announcement does land.

Are you eager to see ‘The X-Files’ return to Fox for a longer run or did the revival series put a damper on your nostalgia for Chris Carter’s epic series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: EW

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