The ratings for ‘American Horror Story’ increase with every cycle (‘Roanoke’ ranked #3 among 215 scripted cable broadcast shows in 2016), so it was no surprise that FX renewed it for another season.  But what is a bit of a shocker is that the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk anthology series has now been renewed for THREE more seasons!  That will take ‘AHS’ up through Season Nine.

This announcement came at the Television Press Association press tour via FX Networks CEO John Landgraf, who expressed:

“American Horror Story launched the modern limited series revolution and — as evidenced by the most recent installment, Roanoke — it remains as vital today as when Murder House stunned audiences six years ago.  Each new chapter is a cultural event, beloved for every new twist in imagery, style, cast and plot. We are thrilled that Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the entire creative team will continue to deliver the groundbreaking, celebrated American Horror Story for years to come.”

He went on to shed a little bit of light on the network’s decision:

“We know explicitly what next season is about; we don’t know what the eighth and ninth season are about. So yes, we’re extending [the renewal] out of trust and good will.  I honestly couldn’t tell you what Season 8 or 9 will be, but I can tell you I’m really excited about Season 7. Also, Ryan made a commitment that he would continue to run that show.”

“Ryan has another really innovative idea to do something fresh and different. There’s a marketing and promotional hook around that.”

If you’re a fan, you know that FX and everyone involved kept the theme of Season Six a secret until the first episode aired and even refrained from showing the “Coming Soon” preview after the Eastern time zone broadcast so as not to spoil it for those on the west coast.  (It was only available online and ONLY after it aired in Pacific Time.)

At a separate event at the press tour, Ryan Murphy said he wouldn’t keep quite such a tight lid on Season Seven.

“I don’t know that we’d do that again.  I think maybe we would release [some hints] of it earlier. I just started writing it. I haven’t decided how to do it yet.”

So obviously, Murphy didn’t have much info to offer, but did say “It’s a modern-day story,” keeping it in line with ‘Murder House’, ‘Coven’, ‘Hotel’ and for the most part ‘Roanoke’.

Murphy also announced that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are signed on to return.  Both have been part of every season of ‘AHS’, most recently playing the totally annoying couple Audrey (she of the worst British accent ever) and Rory (above).  No mention of Lily Rabe, the only other cast member that has been there since the beginning, but obviously more casting announcements are forthcoming.

And as soon as we learn more, we’ll pass it on to you!

Source: TV Line