STX Entertainment has released the third trailer for ‘The Space Between Us,’ the new teen romantic science-fiction film which tells the story of Gardner (Asa Butterfield) and Tulsa (Britt Robertson), two young humans who meet online and discover they are separated by vast distances as Gardner grew up on Mars and Tulsa on Earth, and yet a deep affection sprouts between them nonetheless. In typical romance fashion Gardner, against the wishes of his guardian (could be his dad, we are not sure based on the trailer) played by Gary Oldman boards a rocket bound for Earth and finds Tulsa, and they finally get to spend time together, even going on a road-trip so she can show Gardner the world. Unfortunately, and this is where the third trailer differs from the others in that it reveals more of the stakes, Gardner’s body is not prepared to live on Earth due to growing up on Mars, and if he stays he will not survive, so it looks like the film will inevitably become about whether he will choose love or almost certain death, or else Tulsa will choose to follow him to Mars, or maybe they’ll both choose to live in space together.

Either way, the film does not look particularly ground-breaking for the science-fiction genre, but it might be fun for those who like sci-fi and romance, and it seems to have a decent enough cast that it might just stand a chance. Plus, seeing as how it is an original film and not an adaptation or sequel, a lot of people are pulling for it to do well. Do you think you might head out and see it once it hits theaters? Check out the new trailer  and then share your thoughts about the film in the comments below!


‘The Space Between Us’ hits theaters on February 3. 

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