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No sooner had we learned that Rob Liefeld‘s defunct line of “Extreme Universe” was getting the big screen treatment through Fundamental Films, we’ve learned that the co-creator of Image Comics will also bring them back to print as well! We aren’t quite sure of how extensive this will be but we do know that an upcoming anthology book will bring these characters to the forefront once more.

About the Extreme Anthology Book, Liefeld says:

“Most importantly there will be an Extreme Anthology book. I’ve already got awesome creators contributing to that book.

There is an Extreme Anthology book because, A, I love anthologies and I love these characters. We’ve got great stories for them and we figure that that’s a great place for people to familiarize themselves. I remember when we launched Darker Image, Bloodwulf appeared for the fist time in a million comics. People love Darker Image and then we never followed it up. That was a kick ass book with three medium sized stories. So I’ve wanted to revisit that. Certainly, Bloodwulf will be in this Extreme Anthology.”

So we’ve got Bloodwulf and Youngblood that we know about though we’re not fully sure who else could be back. The list could include anyone from the likes of Badrock, Bloodstrike, Brigade, Glory, Prophet, Supreme, Troll, and New Men.

No word on an exact release date as of yet, but it should prove interesting to see who they run with and who is helping out on the creative side.

Are you looking forward to a return of the titles from the Extreme Universe in Image Comics? Which characters or books would you most want to see return? Share your thoughts below!

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