orphan-black-deviationsThe Clone Club might be coming to a close with the fifth and final season of ‘Orphan Black‘ but the series lives on in comic form and an upcoming six-issue miniseries is going to be giving us a completely different look at the show. Boat Rocker Media and IDW have teamed up to give us ‘Orphan Black: Deviations’ whose entire purpose is to ask “What if Beth hadn’t committed suicide?”

The IDW ‘Deviations’ comics have been giving familiar stories the deviation treatment by having one major event change that would have had a butterfly effect across that series. Now the BBC fan favorite show is getting its own treatment done. The major difference is that while the event drops this year there are four other titles which are each getting a single issue while this one will be a fully formed mini-series. Of course, with 4-5 seasons of plot being told through a massively different mindset, there is quite a bit to tell.

This alternate comic kicks off right at the pilot where Sarah Manning doesn’t see Beth commit suicide and prevented it from happening. We all know that said suicide is how Sarah learned that she was a clone but what would happen if that isn’t how things played out and Beth remained in the land of the living?

Heli Kennedy is telling the story with Wayne Nichols tackling the art. We’ll see how Project LEDA and the Clone Club evolve in a worth where Sarah didn’t make many of her discoveries when she did.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Orphan Black: Deviations’? How do you think the story will evolve with Sarah not finding out she is a clone or will she still learn in and now just have Beth in her corner? Share your thoughts below!

‘Orphan Black: Deviations’ will launch in March of 2017!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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