Sony Pictures’ ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ opened strong, earning it the #1 best Tuesday opening in history topping even the original 2007 opening of ‘Transformers’.

Now it seems as if the wall-crawlers’ exploits have slipped at bit. Over the July 4th holiday, the earnings on ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ dropped 17% from Tuesday thru Wednesday. The movie managed to bring in another $23.4 million for a total 2 day haul (with midnight showings on Monday night) of $59.3 million. Still, those numbers are high enough to keep ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ in the #2 spot for the July 4th holiday. The drop in ticket sales let the movie slip behind ‘Transformers’ which brought in $29.1 on this holiday in 2007.

Even with the number drop, many analysts are still predicting that ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ will bring in $125 million to $140 million by the time it’s six day opening comes to a close this coming Sunday.

All of this is good news for Sony and the film’s stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, as it now appears as if ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ will be spinning off into a trilogy… or more.