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‘Con Man’ Season 2 is in full swing now over at Comic Con HQ, and luckily for anyone who has yet to experience to craziness and humor of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s brilliant show, they have released a few clips showcasing main character Wray Nerely and his new agent Bobbi, which shows off the comedic genius of both Alan Tudyk and Mindy Sterling.

The first clip features Bobbi and Wray at her current job selling sausages and giving massages at the Half Foods, where apparently she works now because she has been banished from the Whole Foods. As she tortures her massage client (and potentially cripples, Wray is not entirely sure despite testing the man’s responses with BBQ tongs and hot grease) she speaks with Wray about his career and becoming his full time agent again, and the new hot project that she is working on for him.

The next clip is Bobbi and Wray on the set of a commercial where Wray is dressed up as an astronaut and Bobbi as some kind of latin flamenco dancer. They are both there to get the attention of the director, Diego Alfonso, who is also the director of ‘Doctor-Cop-Lawyer’ as they are both vying for parts of the new show. Unfortunately for Bobbi, while she may be limber and youthful and Diego does find her amusing, he comments to Wray that he thinks she is Wray’s grandmother, which does not bode well for her chances of being cast as the love interest on the show.

Make sure to check out the clips for yourself below, and then head over to Comic Con HQ to check out the full episodes for yourself. And as always, feel free to share your thoughts on ‘Con Man’ in the comments section below!

Source: Comic Book

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