The final series shown at the Winter Series Showcase at the Paley Center in Los Angeles event I attended (and the big draw for me) was the Season 2 World Premiere of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion’s ‘Con Man,’ the wonderful, originally crowd-funded internet series about two actors at conventions who once starred in a famous and beloved science-fiction TV show, one of whom feels overshadowed by the success of his friend and fellow actor, basically a hilarious send-up on the Alan and Nathan relationship in real life. The actual premiere of the series will not be until tomorrow, so I will not be discussing any details of the show itself, other than to tell you Season 2 looks to be hilarious already and to tell you to check back here tomorrow for a review of the first two episodes. However, I can discuss the Q&A with the cast that went on afterward, as it was lengthy.

con-man-nathan-fillion-fixedUnfortunately, Alan Tudyk himself was not there last night (most likely he was out promoting ‘Rogue One’) but we still got actors Nathan Fillion, Laura Vandervoort, Nolan North, Alison Haislip and Executive Producer PJ Haarsma out on the stage, all of whom proved to be most entertaining. The highlights of the night were probably some of the quips made by Fillion about the show and his fellow actors, though he also made some jabs at himself, like when he was asked how Jack Moore and Nathan Fillion were similar, and he responded with “Jack Moore and Nathan Fillion both have an over-inflated sense of self.” Fillion was also very proud of being part of the digital medium and talked about the “paradigm shift in entertainment and how we want to be entertained” and how happy he was to present the show to an audience that helped make it all happen.

PJ Haarsma spoke on the various merchandise coming out for the show since they hit so many of their crowd-funding goals so quickly (and unexpectedly), especially in terms of the game/app, which he honestly did not think they would get to do, not believing they would hit the $3 million mark. He assured fans more comics were on the way, as well as some novels based on the series.

Nolan North thanked Alan Tudyk for allowing him to be a part of the ‘Con Man’ world after having come from so many serious roles, as he loves doing the comedy. While speaking on how often he has been asked to play doctors, lawyers, and cops, he suddenly realized that “I am ‘Dr.-Cop-Lawyer!” – which is the name of a show offered to Jack Moore in the first episode of Season 2.

Alison Haislip spoke on how she came in last minute in Season 1 as a favor to Alan and Nathan as their original actress dropped out, but was so fortunate that she did, and how in Season 2 she was happy because she had time to really prepare, as in Season 1 she only had about a day to read the scripts and get ready before she was needed on set.

In the end, the cast was clearly very excited for the new season and where the show was going, as were the fans in attendance, and I cannot wait to see what else Alan and company have in store for us in Season 2. Check back here tomorrow for a full review of the Season 2 premiere!

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Nick is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles, who belongs to the privileged few who enjoyed the ending to ‘Lost.’ For more of Nick’s thoughts and articles, follow him on Twitter.