Two of the most anticipated movies of next year are also possibly a new beginning and an ending.  ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ from Lionsgate, is a reboot of the classic children’s TV series, which first premiered in 1993 and launched a franchise that still continues to this day.  The film returns to the original concept of the show, with Elizabeth Banks taking on the role of classic villain Rita Repulsa.

Meanwhile, ‘Logan’ from 20th Century Fox is the final movie that will star Hugh Jackman in the role that made him famous, Wolverine.  Jackman first portrayed the razor-clawed Marvel superhero in 2000’s ‘X-Men’ and has reprised the role in eight additional movies.  But after 17 years, he is hanging up the claws in what may very well be the final film in Fox’s current ‘X-Men’ movie franchise.  (Not counting ‘Deadpool’ which appears to take place in a different continuity.)

Both movies arrive in March of next year, so the studios are rolling out the promotional materials, including some photos that tease a little of what to expect from the movies.

First, the ‘Power Rangers’ Twitter account has released a few new pics of Banks as Rita, with the hashtag #RepulsaTakesOver:


And in… less colorful news, a new black and white photo has been released through Instagram:


A photo posted by @wponx on


While these pics hardly give anything away about the films’ plots, they should at least give you a feel for the mood.  ‘Power Rangers’ will be more realistic and grounded, but there is still an over-the-top feel that is faithful to the campy TV series.  On the flip side, ‘Logan’ looks to be a more somber affair.

Which one are you most looking forward to?

‘Logan’ is directed by James Mangold and stars Jackman, plus Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Elise Neal, Stephen Merchant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Richard E. Grant.  It opens on March 3, 2017.

‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ is directed by Dean Israelite and stars Banks, along with Bryan Cranston, R.J. Cyler, Becky G., Ludi Lin, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, David Denman, Lisa Berry, Caroline Cave, Fiona Vroom and the voice of Bill Hader as Alpha 5.  It opens on March 24, 2017.

Source: Collider