For anyone disappointed when ‘Mythbusters’ went off the air after 14 years, the following is either going to be very exciting for you or exceptionally disappointing. So here’s the deal, they have decided to bring back ‘Mythbusters,’ but first, they need to find new hosts, so how are they going to do that? Well in today’s modern age, what better way is there to do anything on TV than to have a reality TV show competition pitting a group of “qualified” contestants against one another for the prize? So we have ‘Mythbusters: The Search,” the winners of which will supposedly go on to helm a new relaunch of the main show ‘Mythbusters.’ So yeah, apparently we will get a new ‘Mythbusters, but first we have to sit through some reality TV nonsense to get there.

The good news? The reality show does not look completely terrible (Check out the trailer for yourself below to see what I’m talking about), at the very least they are doing stuff that is reminiscent of ‘Mythbusters’ and the trailer at least did not seem to have any drama or contestants fighting (which is a staple of reality TV) and seemed to be more about the stuff they were building, the myths they were trying to bust, and if they keep it that way, then I’m on board. But as soon as someone starts crying or someone gets angry and storms out, I’m done with it. That’s not what ‘Mythbusters’ was ever about, it cheapens the whole franchise, and I cannot believe they would debase it so. Of course, I am extremely biased against reality TV anyways so my opinion is clearly tainted in this situation, but that is just how I feel.

What are your thoughts on the ‘Mythbusters’ going reality TV? Are you going to tune in to watch it? Would you be able to take the new hosts seriously if they were total drama queens on the reality show leading up to their appointments on the main show? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!

‘Mythbusters: The Search’ premieres on the Science Channel on January 7, 2017 at 9pm ET.

Source: EW

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