The premiere of Season 8 of ‘Supernatural’ is only a few weeks away and now a trailer has been released revealing what new undertaking the Winchesters will be up to now that they have fought the Leviathans. All that can be said is if you don’t want to know what to expect, then you may want to stop reading here because the Winchester boys will be going on one jaw dropping mission!

If you recall, in the Season 7 finale, Sam was left on Earth after fighting Dick Roman, the big bad of last season. Dean and Castiel ended up in Purgatory but for some unknown reason, Castiel disappeared and Dean was left on his own.

The Season 8 trailer picks up with the Winchester boys reuniting but with a catch – it’s been one year since that last battle and the last time they’ve seen each other! What happened in that year to both Sam and Dean will be seen in flashbacks but what is known is that Sam had moved on and has a new love in his life while Dean’s time was not as fortunate. We’ll also see the prophet Kevin Tran back again who tells the hunters that according to the Word of God, there is a way to close the gates of hell forever and banish all demons from the face of the Earth. With a carrot that size dangling in front of Sam and Dean, how could they resist? Of course this won’t sit well with the King of Hell himself, Crowley, as we see in the trailer that Mark Sheppard will once again reprise his role on screen as the delightful self-serving demon.

The premise of closing the gates of Hell sounds like a long term story arc much like the one that carried the show for the first 5 seasons. In fact, new show runner, Jeremy Carver, had told EW earlier in the summer that this season’s quest would center on the boys trying to obtain a “power source” that will set the show up for future seasons. “It’s something that will hopefully uncork knowledge about our Supernatural universe in this season and beyond,” he had said. “We’re setting up things not just for this year but beyond.”

Ever since Carver has been named show runner he has stated that he would like to bring the series back to what it was like in the beginning. “Resetting our mythology was one idea that I tried to bring into [the show],” he revealed.

Will he be able to accomplish this in the upcoming season? You can decide by watching the promo below. And don’t forget! will be recapping the episodes after they air so make sure you bookmark the site to read what you missed or if you just want to relive the episode again.

‘Supernatural’ will be moving to Wednesday nights at 9PM ET/PT beginning October 3rd.

‘Supernatural’ Season 8 Promo:

Source: Blastr