A celestial weapon in the hands of humanity, Lucifer making a deal with the exuberant Ella, and Chloe’s jealousy at her partner’s connection with said CSI are only a part of the fun and games we catch up to in this week’s Lucifer.

Based on the title (“Trip to Stabby Town”), it’ll come as no surprise that the hellfire behind this week’s procedural engine is Azrael’s Blade. More specifically, and thanks to Charlotte, a human has gotten ahold of said Blade. Turns out that, in between her studying up on law books and Kama Sutra experiments with her hubby, Charlotte wants more than anything to get God’s attention and what better way to do that than to have his “toys” murdering each other with the Angel of Death’s Blade. Of course that means it’s not just any blade. For Supernatural fans, think the Mark of Cain: the Blade taps into the darkness/any subconscious desires of the wielder to balance the scales towards someone who’s wronged them…and ups the dial to a thousand. So if someone like, oh I don’t know, Dan, whose feelings for Lucifer aren’t of the warm and fuzzy variety, gets ahold of it…Yeah.

The quest for the Blade is a bloody road as a half dozen murders end up being attributed to its use. Wanting to keep Chloe clear of the potential fallout, Lucifer enlists Ella of CSI skills galore to assist him with the side investigation. The two make a good team, something Chloe doesn’t quite know how to handle. First off, giving Ella a bit more front and center time is a brilliant move as her chemistry with Lucifer has always been present. Said chemistry—mixed with the hushed whispers and inexplicable hugs—is not lost on a somewhat jealous Chloe (she’d never admit to that last part). The detective brushes it off as Lucifer holding things from her but we all know it’s more than that.

Ella may be Lucifer's own angel of faith, if you will.
Ella may be Lucifer’s own angel of faith, if you will.

Speaking on there being something more—which, for Lucifer, it actually isn’t—our devilish anti-hero is wrestling with the fact that, despite not knowing the human victims caught in the Blade’s path, he actually cares what’s happening to them. It’s an eye-opening sensation for him, one he needs help in answering. Unfortunately, Dr. Linda’s still having a time adjusting to Lucifer’s true identity. Most of her time in the episode is peppering him with questions on horrible people and their fates in the devil’s domain. She eventually gets over her “devil-struck” behavior to reassert herself as the doctor in charge.

One of the more surprising-but-not moments is, after tracking the Blade down, Dan gets his hands on it and sets his sights on the man he deems responsible for his life spiraling: Lucifer Morningstar. The confrontation between the two builds upon their brief moment of simpatico last week when both admitted one has qualities the other lacks. Even more so this week is Dan’s ability to fight the Blade’s effects, an internal strength that impresses Lucifer. Does this foreshadow an evolution in their relationship? I hope so because, as funny as it once was, Lucifer’s continual mockery of Dan’s is slowly becoming a bit of a nuisance.

Lucifer working with Maze and Amenadiel to recover the Blade.
Lucifer working with Maze and Amenadiel to recover the Blade.

At episode’s end, we’re left with two very different scenes, both involving our devilish anti-hero. As a part of the deal made with Ella, Lucifer honors his promise to attend a church service with the excitable CSI. She hopes that the direction she found attending services may be able to help the sometimes aimless Lucifer find his way, to reconnect with his own faith. Unfortunately for him, Lucifer now has Amenadiel and manipulative mum to watch out for as, in a moment of vulnerability, Lucifer admits that neither Heaven nor Hell hold any sway with him. Earth has been the only home where he’s felt appreciated, respected. His spectacular outburst, one that temporarily ignites Azrael’s Blade, also sparks an idea in Charlotte’s head. She whispers to Amenadiel that despite Lucifer’s protests of returning Home, “a window [of opportunity] just opened.”

Lucifer: “Trip to Stabby Town” à 3.5/5

Post Script

  • Considering the knowledge that her patient and former lover is the Devil Himself, Dr. Linda has adjusted quite well to her new normal. Sure, she has her questions and still a bit skittish, at least in the beginning, but as the episode moves forward, so does her mindset. Knowing what she knows now may help Lucifer get a bit more on track in his future.
  • I always rage at how little we see of the adorable Trixie and I’ve felt the same way about Ella as well. It was good to see her get more screen time, especially since her rapport with Lucifer is so effortless, unlike some of his interactions with Chloe. I attribute that to the characters themselves: Ella is free-wheeling (in a fashion) very secure and comfortable with herself and nothing that holds her back from opening up. Chloe, on the other hand, has loads of baggage, doubts and fears that make her a more rigid character. As time passes we do see pieces of her opening up to Lucifer and that vulnerability is an uncomfortable place to be in. It’s why she flashes a spark of jealousy when catching the easy interactions between Lucifer and Ella (the hilarity of Ella acting out the events of the multi-murder scene is worth the price of admission alone). Now there’s not going to be any sort of love triangle going down but maybe Chloe will be willing to open up more in light of seeing Lucifer befriend someone else.
  • On the love bit, there’s quite a bit of UST (unresolved sexual tension for you non-fanfic peeps!) between Amenadiel and Maze. The former’s in a bit of a rut, heeled at the coattails of Charlotte while the latter’s all about her new bounty hunting gig. Neither had much to do this week but it didn’t take much to see that there’s still something between the two, even if they aren’t ready to act on it just yet.
  • Finally, something I haven’t touched on in a bit (and neither has the show): what in the Sam Hill is it about Chloe that makes Lucifer mortal? While I do like that they do not harp on it every single week, another hint of whatever power she possesses would be good right about now. Yet, I have the feeling that, since we only have a half dozen episodes left in season two, it’ll be that finale showstopper. Whatever it is, they better make it good.