Alright, enough is enough. While I am very excited for ‘Rogue One’ and am prepped and ready to buy my tickets and go see the newest installment in the ‘Star Wars’ universe when it comes out in December, I am tired of being distracted with this prequel and I want Lucasfilm to start releasing teasers, promos, and rumors for ‘Episode VIII.’ We have been patient for almost a year now and I truly feel that they have been exceptionally brilliant in having ‘Rogue One‘ out there to distract us, but now it is time to start focusing on the main story here, and fortunately for me and others like me who cannot get enough of the main Skywalker storyline, we finally have SOMETHING from ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII,’ even if, admittedly, it is not much.

The folks from Making Star Wars recently posted a description of Luke’s costume from a scene in ‘Episode VIII’ and a rough sketch of the costume (like I said, its not much, but we are desperate here), which you can check out for yourself by clicking here. Here’s what we can surmise from the costume, first of all, the more traditional Jedi garb that Luke is wearing at the end of ‘The Force Awakens’ is not what he wears when he is training Rey, as he seems to have gone back to the all black look he was sporting in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ They are also pointing out that the costume Luke wears is dirty (similar to what Yoda wore in the original trilogy), and gets filthier as the movie goes on, and Luke does not care. Furthermore, it does not seem to include a belt, nor does the description specifically mention a lightsaber, so we are unsure whether Luke actually wields the iconic weapon in the film, even though he is rumored to take on the Knights of Ren. If he does not have the weapon, he might take them on just using the Force and the thin spear he is described as having, which might be amazing to watch, as it will be the first time we will be watching a fully trained, mature, adult Skywalker Jedi taking on opponents using the Force entirely as his ally, without having to use a weapon. After the nifty new Force usage tricks JJ Abrams came up with during ‘The Force Awakens’ for Kylo Ren, who knows what cool gags they could come up with for Luke were he to find himself in such a situation.

What are your thoughts on Luke’s costume? Is it just too much speculation? Do you think his lightsaber might just be on a nearby shelf and it is crazy to imagine him not having one in the movie? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments below!