hellboy-intothe-silent-seaWe’ve known that a new Hellboy comic was coming but not one that featured the lead character himself that takes place well before his tragic death and now we have the first preview pages and details for ‘Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea’ to share with you! Thank you Dark Horse Comics for delivering us the perfect little Halloween treat!

This graphic novel is no trick as it was co-written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, co-written and illustrated by Eisner Award-winning artist Gary Gianni, and colored by award winning colorist Dave Stewart. We’ve got an all-star team of creator’s to tell us Hellboy’s latest old adventure!

This tale is set after the events of ‘The Island’ and has Hellboy sailing from the deserted island for safety though ends up coming across a ghost ship. The ghosts aboard have the lofty goal of selling Hellboy to the circus though the ship’s captain brings him with while trying to take out one of the most powerful creatures that the sea has let loose upon the Earth to date.

This will be the third Hellboy story told in graphic novel format following both ‘Hellboy: House of the Living Dead’ and ‘Hellboy: The Midnight Circus.’

Sadly, the release won’t be out until Spring of 2017 but Gianni states that:

“The biblical Jonah was vomited up by a whale, but Hellboy might not be as lucky. A superstitious crew and a figure in black will make sure there’s no escaping the silent sea.”

We’ve got 5 preview pages from the graphic novel to share with you below!





So far, this is looking to line up as a classic Hellboy tale born from the mind of Mignola so it will be interesting to see what Gianni’s spin on the character will add into the mix. I for one am eagerly looking forward to it even though it won’t be until Spring, 2017 that it is released.

Are you planning on checking out ‘Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea’ or are you still wishing that more modern tales were being told? Share your thoughts below!

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