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When the news broke that Sony and Marvel had brokered a deal to bring ‘Spider-Man’ into the MCU, and the only caveat to the deal was the recasting of Peter Parker, there were many mixed emotions from fans. Many felt that Andrew Garfield was the only thing that worked in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Parts 1 and 2, and were disappointed that the actor who so loved the character, and had spoken for years about how important it was to get Spidey back into the hands of Marvel was being ousted from the role. There was even a massive petition online to save the role for Garfield that, while unsuccessful, proved how many fans loved Garfield in the role.

However, as is usually the case, Marvel had a plan, and that was to reboot Peter Parker to his high school years and present him on the big screen in a way fans had not truly seen him before, and that simply could not be done with Garfield, who was close to thirty at the time. And after his appearance in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ where we saw the new casting choice Tom Holland in action, it was hard to refute Marvel’s decision, even if we have yet to see the solo ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ film due out next year. Holland was an amazing choice and it was hard not to love the Spider-Man we saw in that film.

The good news? Garfield is not that upset about how things went down. Not being attached to do sequels to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ gave him the freedom to work on other projects, and this year alone, he has two pretty amazing films coming out that are already garnering him Oscar buzz, and he is well aware that would not have been possible is he were still crawling across the skyscrapers of New York city. According to a recent interview Garfield gave to Fandango:

“To be honest, I would not have been able to work with Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese if I had done Spider-Man 3. I’m incredibly grateful that I get to now go and watch another man play Spider-Man who I think is a fantastic actor in Tom Holland…You know what, it’s sliding doors, right? There are so many possible outcomes; so many positives and potential downsides to that situation.If I am being totally honest, I am so excited Spider-Man is back in the hands of Marvel. I think that’s a really awesome move. It was a move that I’ve been advocating since I was offered the Spider-Man gig five or six years ago. I’m also excited for Tom Holland. I think he’s a very emotional, truthful, funny, physical actor, and I love the filmmaker — it all really couldn’t be in any better hands. I’m really stoked for it.”

And that is the best case scenario, the torch has been passed amicably, the old Spider-Man has given his blessing to the new one, and we can all move forward without any bad blood and enjoy the future of the franchise. Here’s to hoping Marvel has a bright future for Spider-Man in the MCU, and ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is finally the Spidey film we have all been waiting for.

Source: Fandango