Prepare yourself, the ‘Logan’ trailer is finally out, and I do not mean the domestic, family friendly one. I mean the full on, red band international trailer for ‘Logan,’ which looks to be at long last the Wolverine movie that fans of the character and Hugh Jackman’s interpretation of the character have been waiting 17 years to see.

The trailer looks dark, and I am not talking about the lighting (literally folks, most of it takes place in a well-lit daylight), I am talking about content, the dystopian world it takes place in, and all the potential violence that is going to take place in the storyline. But after seeing the trailer, if someone is not paying full attention, one might ask, “why is this a red band trailer?” Well, for that, you would have to jump to around the 1:28 mark, where the music finally starts picking up speed, where we see a bit of an action montage start building, and where we finally see Wolverine straight up jam his claws straight through the head of one of his assailants, from the bottom of his jaw, up, with the tops of his claws poking out at the top of the scalp. That is why this is a Red Band trailer, this is what gives fans hope that this movie really, truly is going to be rated R as everyone hoped it would be following the success of ‘Deadpool,’ and honestly, this is what Wolverine was always supposed to be. A violent, bloody, berserker, who got into combat rages and kills in gruesome ways to save those around him. With any luck, this will be the movie where we finally get to see that, and this trailer has me very excited for that fact.

Check out the full trailer for yourself below, and then share any thoughts, feelings or theories you have about ‘Logan’ in the comments section below that.