Robert Zemeckis (‘Back to the Future’,’Who Framed Roger Rabbit’) put his name on the alien map nearly 20 years ago with ‘Contact’ and while he’s been busy with making some amazing films since that time, hasn’t returned to UFOS – until now. It has just been reported that Zemeckis has been tapped by the History Channel to be the Executive Producer of a new ongoing UFO based drama titled ‘Blue Blook’. He will be running the show which was created and is being written by David O’Leary. Zemeckis’ ImageMovers is producing with A&E Studios to see this project come to life.

The premise of the series is based on Project Blue Blook which was an actual study from the United States Air Force from 1952-1969. Their goal was to determine if UFOs were real and if so what kind of a threat, if any, they posed to national security. The agency collected details on over 12,000 reports of UFOs and UFO activity. The vast majority of the reports were known objects, aircraft, mass hysteria, and outright hoaxes though over 700 reports were still unexplained.

We’ll be seeing the series take place between 1947-1970. Prior to Project Blue Book, there was also a Project Sign in 1947 and Project Grudge in 1948 which were precursors to the main investigation and with the date range give sound as if they’ll be involved. No word if we’ll be seeing this as historically accurate to what the government has reported, the conspiracy theory that this was all a government cover up, or a focus on the 700 unexplained cases. It was described as a drama so it sounds as if there could be some kind of fun twist to it though it is still too light on details to know for sure.

As ‘Contact’ is quite possibly one of the most well executed and best known first contact films of all time it seems fitting that he’ll get another shot to work with extraterrestrials in some capacity or another.

What direction do you think ‘Blue Book’ is going to take us when the series premieres? Are you happy to hear that Zemeckis is giving us something closer to science fiction once again? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr

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