From ‘Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan‘ to the new ‘Star Trek’ reboot there is no test more infamous than the “unwinnable” Kobayashi Maru. While Captain James T. Kirk has been able to defeat it by cheating, the entire concept of the test is to put a potential captain into a “no-win” scenario and see how they deal with it. Today, we have a flowchart of the Kobayashi Maru that gives a modern day take and breakdown of the choices you can make and how they end up with you failing.

The new chart itself not only gives us the test but fun references to various characters and standout scenes from the ‘Star Trek’ series that will resonate with both casual film watchers to full on Trekkies alike.

You can check out the flowchart below!


With the new ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ sounding as if it is to take place prior to the events of ‘Star Trek’ meaning they are still technically in the Prime timeline and it being so far in the past, it is unlikely that the Kobayashi Maru test will be in play as of yet. While there is a chance it could be mentioned, I have a feeling that for the time being this will be the last that we’ve seen of the test though I have no doubt that it could pop up once again.

Aside from cheating do you think there is another way to pass the Kobayashi Maru? How would you specifically fail the test? Share your thoughts below!

Star Trek: Discovery’ will debut on CBS in January of 2017!

Source: Lucid Chart

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