Just because the ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere date has been pushed back a few months in 2017, that does not mean we will not be receiving a good number of spoilers, rumors, and announcements in the months leading up to the show’s return. With that in mind, it seems two characters whose ultimate fates were unknown on the show are going to be making appearances in Season 7, which should excite a good number of people. Apparently, the cast has been gathering in Belfast for table reads of the new season, and some eagle-eyed fans have spotted two actors, whose presence means their characters are very likely returning to the show this season.

First off, they spotted Iain Glen, the actor who plays Jorah Mormont on the show, which is good news for fans hoping the aging soldier might just find a cure for the greyscale disease he contracted on the show and return to help his Khaleesi in her mission to conquer Westeros. When we last saw Jorah Mormont, he had just reconciled with the Queen, who sent him on a mission to find a cure for his disease, which at the time seemed very unlikely. Most likely his return in Season 7 will be to showcase his quest for that very cure, though whether or not he actually finds it we will have to wait to find out.

The other actor spotted was Joe Dempsie, the man who played the bastard Gendry in the early seasons of the show, and disappeared after escaping from Dragonstone in a rowboat. What part he might play in the new season we do not know, but with Arya returning to Westeros as a full assassin now, she might just run into her old friend, especially if she crosses paths with the Brotherhood without Banners, the organization that Gendry’s book counterpart joins and is a part of.

Are you excited for the return of these characters? Do you have any theories on what part they might play in the new season? Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments below!

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