After last night’s 6th season premiere, we’ve finally learned what we can expect from ‘American Horror Story‘ this year. Ryan Murphy had vowed to keep the series a mystery, this time, around with a multitude of fake trailers being released and aside from a small leak of a single word, they were able to do just that! Even the word which was leaked couldn’t have given away anything from the story.

Obviously, if you’re here than you know we’ll be talking about this season so I shouldn’t have to give a spoiler warning but I feel I should just to be on the safe side.


So what can we expect from this season? Well, first off it starts with a logo and artwork that is highly reminiscent of a ‘My Chemical Romance’ album cover. Let’s take a look.


“My Roanoke Nightmare” is the theme and they’re taking us on a mockumentary route from the get go. It almost makes it look as if we’ll be seeing those telling the tale live throughout the entire season but knowing Ryan Murphy this could all be being filmed right before the main characters die or in the afterlife somehow. It could possibly even catch up to this filming a few episodes in leaving all of their fates up for grabs.

On top of being a mockumentary, there is also a very strong ‘Blair Witch’ vibe which is pretty fitting with the new film being released this week. In the first chapter, we see a couple moving out of LA and moving to a country home in the woods. They outbid some locals and right after they move in mysterious things start to happen from the wife looking to imagine things to people being caught on video showing up with torches and decorating their house.

There are quite a few directions that they could still go with the season so I’m curious to say how Ryan Murphy lets it play out. It currently seems though that we’re being given a potential case of time travel with the lost colony of Roanoke though it is always hard to judge this series by its first episode.

Did you enjoy the first episode of “American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare’? Do you think that the Mockumentary/Blair Witch vibes were original enough for the series or a bit overdone in horror these days? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend

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