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We were already excited when we heard that Ernest Cline‘s amazing novel ‘Ready Player One‘ was handpicked by Steven Spielberg and now that more set photos from the film are coming, out we’re even more so! One part future VR world, one part 80’s pop reference explosion, one part science fiction, and all heart leave this to likely be one of the most promising films of 2018. I believe the only problem that we’re all going to have with the movie is waiting until March, 30th, 2018 to actually come around!

My favorite part about the videos and images below is that previously we’ve heard that Spielberg would be doing very little in the way of Easter Eggs for his own work but clearly at least ‘Jaws’ and ‘Gremlins’ are getting a shoutout here. Not only that, but we have a few shots of Olivia Cooke who plays Art3mis talking to SPielberg and most likely getting notes on the next scene that they’re about to shoot.

Not only do we have those videos but a slew of images as well which is where you can see both the Jaws and Gremlins shoutouts.

So far things really are looking fun and these are barely a scratch of the surface as to how the full set will end up looking.

Are you looking forward to seeing ‘Ready Player One’? Which of the set photos and videos below has you most excited for the film? What 80’s throwback do you hope that they include in the movie? Share your thoughts below!

You can check out ‘Ready Player One’ on the big screen on March 30th, 2018!

Source: Collider

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