Fans of Mirror Master from the comics might be a little surprised at how he changes for the upcoming season of The CW’s ‘The Flash‘. We’ve known for quite some time that Grey Damon (‘Star-Crossed’) was going to play the character but didn’t know how much he would diverge from his comic origin. With how often things change from page to the big or small screen this might not be too surprising but some of the key elements that are being mixed up might throw some viewers.

Primarily, executive producer Todd Helbing has said that we shouldn’t expect the mirror gun which is pretty much what many would base his initial concept on. Instead:

“[Mirror Master] doesn’t use the [mirror] gun. He’s a true meta, but he’s not necessarily warping into other dimensions.”

So while Sam Scudder will still become Mirror Master it sounds like he’ll be using metahuman abilities. While science may still play a part in how he gets these powers, it won’t be a gun but a weaponized version of himself that is the source of his power. At the very least we won’t be seeing anyone compare him to Captain Cold or Heat Wave who both also use guns.

It’ll be interesting to see how they explain his new abilities though it isn’t unheard of as in DC’s New 52 he did get superpowers.

Still, the removal of the iconic gun seems almost wrong though as ‘The Flash’ has constantly proven with any continuity changes that they’ve made – the writers know what they’re doing.

Are you looking forward to Mirror Master showing up on ‘The Flash’? Do you feel that going the metahuman route was the right way to go or should they have stuck with his classic gun as the source of his powers? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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