After usurping control of all vampires, Andrew Bennett has settled in a tent community in Utah.  The vamps want to feed, but Andrew has forbidden it and has made arrangements for cows’ blood.  When one vamp questions him, he exercises his new super abilities.  In town, Andrew goes to pay for more cows’ blood but encounters two rednecks… and rips their heads off!  Just kidding.  It’s an illusion but it does the trick.  Back at the encampment, Andrew announces that if any vampire wants to feed on humans, they must first battle him.  And he gets a very unexpected taker.

In Germany, Tig and Prof. Troughton arrive at the castle base of the Van Helsings, a veritable army of vampire slayers. Troughton informs the Van Helsings of Andrew’s increased powers and tries to explain that he is acting for the better, but they poison both John and Tig and they collapse.  They come to, but find themselves in the midst of a full-scale invasion.

It’s a turning point for this book, but it still delivers on every level.  It’s quirky, extremely well-written and unique.  This issue actually starts to bring a little more of the funny, as there is a lot more humor than in the past.  Andrea Sorrentino’s gritty artwork continues to serve the unusual story well.

Andrew has taken over  the vampires in order to reign them in, but things aren’t looking good at this point.  Despite his powers, he doesn’t quite know what to do with his blood-lusting charges.  I’m sure a war with the Van Helsing army isn’t going to help matters.

I’m an unabashed fan of this book.  It’s so well-done on every level!  The writing and art are top notch.  Best of all, it’s different.  There is no other book like this, although it’s a nice compliment to other books like ‘Animal Man’ and ‘Frankenstein.’  This is the start of a new storyline, so it’s the perfect time to jump on board!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Andrea Sorrentino
Cover by Clayton Crain