After six years of sitting on the shelf, Marvel is finally revisiting a live-action adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona’s award-winning comic series ‘Runaways’. However, unlike in 2008 where Vaughn was working with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige to craft a major motion picture featuring the group of diverse teens that learn that their parents are part of an infamous supervillain organization known as The Pride, Marvel Television and Jeph Loeb are now developing the story of Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Karolina Dean, Gertrude Yorkes, Chase Stein, and Molly Hayes for TV.

The House of Ideas announced today that they are teaming with ‘Gossip Girl’ creators Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage to bring an all-new drama featuring the fan favorite teen heroes to Hulu. The project came about when Schwartz (who also created ‘The OC’) and Savage had conversations with Marvel executives over the past year as part of their overall deal with ABC Studios through their company Fake Empire. Marvel TV Head Loeb had the following to say about the news:

“We’ve known the Runaways’ story would make great television and being lucky enough to have Josh and Stephanie–who have time and again created shows that speak so genuinely to this exact audience–write and produce the series is nothing short of remarkable.”

Following the announcement earlier this year that ‘Cloak & Dagger’ is coming to Freeform, ‘Runaways’ marks the second foray into young adult territory for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On top of that, we’ll finally be seeing a younger web-slinger in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ next year. With Marvel finally realizing the potential of their younger heroes, who knows could be next? Many believe that the new Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, could be the next one to star in her own series, but with the Avengers disassembling in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, maybe the Young Avengers could be next in line to land a TV show or a movie. This True Believer certainly hopes so.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, what do you think about ‘Runaways’ coming to Hulu? Are you excited to see the team finally get their live-action adaptation after sitting on the shelf for nearly a decade? Who do you think should be considered to star in the show? And do you think that lovable dinosaur Old Lace will make an appearance as well? Sound off in the comments. 

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