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While the ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ movie has been looking to deliver a brand new set of characters set in the popular gaming universe, we’ve just learned that some familiar faces from the video games will be popping up as well! It is too early to tell if this will just be some awesome Easter Eggs for fans or further proof the rumor that the film is just being made as a giant advertisement for the games is true.

For a change, this kind of news didn’t come from either the director or cast but one of the crew members. In a recent interview production armorer Tim Wildgoose was talking about the creation of the various costumes for the characters and let this little tidbit slip:

“Although we’re designing the weapons ourselves there are certain things you have to stick to — the way the wrist blades work. In that sense, we were going the Ubisoft reference as a design guide. At the same time, there are assassins from the games in the film as well. In some case, we could directly copy the Ubisoft weapons onto their characters.”

While it is neat to learn how he is using digital assets from Ubisoft for creating the look for the game, it is the “there are assassins from the games in the film as well” comment which is the most interesting.

Sadly he doesn’t go into detail on which characters will show up but does say that both Altair and Ecio won’t be though some “very famous characters that the fans will probably enjoy” will be introduced on the big screen.

Oh, and we have some new stills that show off his work to share with you as well!




While we still have no idea if the plot will hold up or be as painful as most video game adaptations, we at least know that the movie looks as if it is visually coming together.

Are you looking forward to ‘Assassin’s Creed’? Which major characters do you think will have cameos in the film? Share your thoughts below!


Assassin’s Creed follows a character by the name of Callum Lynch who, through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, is able to experience the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Knights Templar organization in the present day.

‘Assassin’s Creed’ will be sneaking into theaters just in time for Christmas on December 21st, 2016.

Source: Screen Rant

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