Ever since the Sony Hacks in 2o14 revealed that there were some plans for a massive cross-over movie between ‘Men in Black’ and ’21 Jump Street,’ people have been eager for news in regards to the strange project, which sounded like it had the potential to be really interesting. Unfortunately, according to the man who originally came up with the idea, Jonah Hill, it now seems unlikely that we will ever see the movie made, even after earlier this year we had heard rumors that James Bobin (‘The Muppets’) was being considered as the director, and that the film was being tentatively titled ‘MIB 23.’

While speaking to the Toronto Sun recently, Hill stated:

“I had the idea… But I doubt that movie will get made.”

Why does Hill feel that the movie is doomed? Well in his words:

“They’re trying to make all the deals, but it’s kind of impossible with all the Men in Black stuff. The Jump Streetfilms were so fun to make and the whole joke of them was they were making fun of remakes and sequels and reboots and then now it’s become a giant sequel, reboot…It’s almost become what we were making fun of and it’s hard to maintain that joke when it’s so high stakes.”

Of course, it is understandable from Sony’s point of view why they would want to see this film happen. The ‘MIB” franchise became far too expensive to keep going with leads like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and ’21 Jump Street’ would have been ok to keep going had they not spent the entire end credits of the 2nd movie making fun of all the stupid sequels that could follow the movie. Still, Hill might have a point about it being too difficult to get the deals to work, especially with such high-profile movies. What are your thoughts on this idea? Would you still like to see it happen? Share your opinions in the comments below!

SOURCE: HollywoodReporter

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