Despite dismal reviews and a film that honestly, was lucky to even find any critics willing to give it a shot, ‘Suicide Squad’ still has a lot of fans out there, including the cast themselves. During a recent  an appearance on Tipsy Talk (with a mimosa in hand), Harley Quinn herself Margot Robbie discusses the structure of the movie, and why she believes they were justified in cutting out a lot of the Joker and Harley backstory scenes from the final film. In her words:

“They probably realized that the emotional through line of the story had to be the mission we were on, and kind of explaining The Enchantress’s position and all of that kind of stuff. And the backstory stuff is like magic. Some of the stuff we shot is insane. They are flashbacks, and they’re meant to be snippets, but I think when we were filming maybe we got too engrossed into flashbacks. Especially when you got Jared [Leto], he’s going so deep with that character and we’re all like going really, really deep. David [Ayer] goes really deep with the characters. Yeah, so there’s a lot, but it didn’t make sense to confuse the current and present storyline to incorporate all of that.”

The bigger problem, in my mind, was why the Joker was even in the film outside of flashbacks. He honestly did little overall to contribute to the main plot that could not have been accomplished by another random henchmen, and if they were that worried about the Joker/Harley story overwhelming the main story, they should have started cutting out the Clown Prince of Crime way back in the script stage. As it is now, we barely see enough of the Joker to get a sense of Leto’s take on the character, and his actions/motivations seem strangely out of character, especially the part where he is actively trying to free Harley, as their relationship in the comics has always been that the Joker plays it cool in regards to his relationship with her, while she is the one obsessed with him.

What are your thoughts on the Joker/Harley storyline in the film? Did it seem like it was thrown in by corporate demand so they could have the Joker in the film and get a bigger audience? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinemablend

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