It feels like it would take a superhero just to save the reboot of ‘The Crow‘ at this point and now that seems likely as ‘Aquaman’s Jason Momoa (‘Game of Thrones’,’Stargate: Atlantis’) is in talks to take the leading role. This musclebound actor is no stranger to genre work having secured one of the prime roles in the DC Cinematic Universe, having played Conan, as well as the lover of Khaleesi so it isn’t too much of a surprise to see him cast. Though, I don’t recall either Eric Draven or his persona as The Crow ever looking quite so buff.

This remake of the film or new take that will be closer to the original source material according to original series creator James O’Barr has had nothing but trouble since production began. In pre-production alone we’ve seen multiple directors attached and the lead role passing between Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston, and Jack Huston. Not only that, but the film rights were almost up for grabs when Relativity Media who is creating the film went bankrupt. Clearly, this is a movie that seems destined to fail.

How much of O’Barr’s original vision which was such a selling point originally to even make this interesting for fans is questionable.

Rumors started swirling a few days ago when Momoa posted a picture with current director Corin Hardy  that has him tease of a “dream job” with “great news to come” after officially sealing a deal with a pint.

This isn’t to say that Momoa is officially on board with ‘The Crow’ or perhaps another project that Hardy could be working on though if he is taking the role it will be interesting to see if this actually happens or if Momoa is just the next actor that will end up quitting the production.

Could you see Jason Momoa play ‘The Crow’? Do you think that this means the movie is finally moving forward or will another delay be inevitable? Share your thoughts below!

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