The ‘Divergent‘ series hasn’t had the best box office results and new details are emerging on how Lionsgate plans on bringing the final movie to the small screen. If you thought things were bad before when the leading actors were down on this idea, the full plan only sounds like it will be worse for the franchise.

The ever decreasing box office returns from ‘Divergent’ to ‘Insurgent‘ to ‘Allegiant‘ have scrapped the plans on making this trilogy of three books into four movies. Initially, it sounded like the fourth movie would air on TV but now details have arisen that it will now be shopped as a full season series. (Because a lack of viewership clearly is saying that we want a full series to wrap up the last novel from a franchise that has not only overstayed it’s welcome but has done so by making the last movie longer than it needed to be.)

Word has it that “Lionsgate will begin to present about 12 interested networks with the opportunity to pick up the series” though as Lionsgate has recently purchased Starz, it wouldn’t be too surprising if that would be the home of the series.

Television Group Chairman Kevin Beggs says that they are looking forward to “resolving the novel in a season across 10 to 13 episodes and then expanding from there into multiple seasons.”

So let’s get this straight: The audiences have been complaining about the series having split the last book into two movies to begin with and now Lionsgate wants to stretch the second half into a 10ish hour run that has a new series that splits off from it? Okay.

Actors Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort had previously voiced their negativity about the plan and I can only imagine it will be worse as an ongoing series pitch. Here’s what Miles Teller had to say about it:

“When we all signed on for the first one we had every intention of finishing it theatrically. We signed on for x amount of movies and you take that all into consideration. We wanted to see that storyline finish. You know, it’s moving into a different format. So who knows?”

I’m pretty sure that if Lionsgate is going to be moving the franchise to television they will almost be better rebooting it at this point, which is an idea that we all hate, just because none of the cast will likely be returning.

Are you wondering how this idea has moved up the chain of Lionsgate as much as we have or are you looking forward to a ‘Divergent’ television series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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