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We’ve just learned that Katie McGrath (‘Jurassic World‘,’Dracula‘) has signed on as Lena Luther in The CW’s second season of ‘Supergirl‘. With the series officially joining the DC universe on The CW we’ll be seeing a lot of crossovers coming up and the Luthors will surely play a big role as these franchises continue to grow and expand into each other. There are already quite a few corporate executives who have been introduced even without a certain businessman from Gotham City so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to have some brief interactions and cameos between them.

On the series, Lex has been imprisoned and Lena has come to National City to take over as CEO of Luthor Corp and return the multi-billion-dollar firm to the good standing that it previously held. The family name has been tarnished due to Lex’s actions and Lena believes she can once again bring their name to light.

At least, publically. Knowing the Luthors there is no real knowledge at this time if she will be on the side of angels or have her own agenda. As the upcoming season plays out, Kara ends up getting to know Lena and has to decide what her true motives are.

It is unclear at this time if the new Luthor will also have any interaction with Tyler Hoechlin as the new face of Superman on the series. Though, knowing Superman and Luthor’s lengthy past it wouldn’t be surprising if the two either have met or will meet on the show.

Do you think that Lena Luther will end up being a good character or follow in Lex’s footsteps? Share your thoughts below!

‘Supergirl’ is premiering on The CW with a second season on Monday, October 10th, 2016.

Source: TV Line.

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