At the tail end of the Capcom panel at Comic-Con 2013, Capcom made an announcement that they are revisiting the ‘Strider’ franchise, partnering with Double Helix to create a new version of the game for release in early 2014.

While not as universally known as Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter’ games, ‘Strider’ is one of Capcom’s early hits and has been making an appearance almost every 10 years.  ‘Strider’ was initially released as an arcade game in 1989 and shortly after imported to the Sega Genesis.  In 1999, ‘Strider 2’ was released as a sequel.  The development of the new game was spurred by the online forum demand for the return of the character, Hiryu, in a new adventure.

The gameplay elements Capcom kept from the original design are the fast-paced movement, the side-scrolling interface, and the ability to traverse all of the walls.  To modernize the game and extend the 30 to 45 minute of quarter sucking arcade gameplay, the developers created a large open world for non-linear exploration and hours of gameplay.  The ninja with silky scarf will return on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

You can check out some of the gamplay action in the announcement trailer released by Capcom below: