Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 2

If there is anything that Hollywood has shown us, it’s that rehashes of old properties are not going anywhere anytime soon.  Remakes, reboots, and reimaginations are a dime a dozen these days, and many of them are, sadly, thinly-veiled cash grabs anchored heavily on the hope of audience nostalgia.  The properties that get it right, though – those that have a legitimately fresh idea on an old story or set of characters and work hard to make the experience one that both old fans and new would enjoy – those are the ones that make audiences light up with delight.

Take the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise, for example.  After relaunching interest in the series with a fresh “reimagining” of the horror classic film series via a 2013 cinematic remake, the original characters & storyline had new life breathed into them when a TV series, ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead,’ hit the airwaves on the Starz Network last year to great critical and audience response.  Now, of course, the question is begged: where does the franchise go from here?

At San Diego Comic-Con last week, there was an ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ panel that featured the two main stars of the show, Lucy Lawless and franchise-originator Bruce Campbell, along with show producer Robert Tapert.  For his part, Tapert spoke about the future of the show, without necessarily excluding the possibility of doing another feature film set in this universe:

“The focus is on more seasons of the show.  Sam [Raimi, creator of the franchise], bless him, talked about doing ‘Evil Dead’ as a movie for many, many years [recently] and teased the fans forever and a day.  Finally when the day came, we went, ‘Well, we think it might be better as a TV show.’  That was other people who thought that, and Bruce really welcomed the idea, and I welcomed the idea because Bruce said, ‘Look, I did three movies – I’m not certain I knew my [character’s] last name, so at least in a TV show I get to explore the character and who he is and all that more.’  Is there a movie out there that we are thinking about that would continue on that would merge everything?  There certainly are those thoughts starting to percolate.”

Campbell, for his part, certainly sounds like he would be up for another film.  Here’s what he had to say about the subject, before speaking about focusing on expectations for the second season of the show:

“One feeds the other. The movies were dead. Now the TV show comes back, the movies come back to life. It’s funny how that works.

“Now [for the second season of the TV show], there are expectations. It’s one thing to put out a show for the very first time. You close your eyes and go, ‘Okay, I hope you like it.’ You put it out and it was very well received. The fans were very nice to us, and the critics were pretty nice to us too, which is shocking because the ‘Evil Dead’ movies don’t always get good reviews. So that was the big leap; but now Season Two, they’re like arms crossed going, ‘Whaddaya got?’ Meaning, is it worthy of a show? Do you have enough story that you can tell? Where are you gonna go with it? Do I like the way you’re going with it? Do I like the characters you’re adding or how they’re changing? That remains to be seen, but I think it’s a strong [season]. I tore my hamstring. We worked our butts off this season so if you don’t like it, screw all y’all.”

Source: /Film

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