Geoff Johns has been a powerful force at DC Comics for many years now.  In many ways, Johns is the ultimate fanboy-turned-pro and his encyclopedic knowledge of the DC Universe and passion for the characters has often proven a great asset when it comes to bringing those characters to a wider audience.  Johns has been acting as the Chief Creative Officer at DC for years now and was, along with WB’s Jon Berg, recently appointed to oversee the studio’s DC Comics movies.  Now he has been elevated even higher within the ranks as the President of DC Entertainment.

According to Bleeding Cool, Johns was promoted some time ago, but the deal was kept under wraps.  But many are pointing to the different tone of the ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ trailers at SDCC this year which contrasted with the darker feel of last year’s ‘Batman V Superman’ clips.

The site reported:

“Apparently, this promotion happened a few months ago when his responsibilities were extended to co-running the DC film slate with Warner Bros studio’s Jon Berg, during the Batman V Superman fallout.

They just didn’t think to tell anyone.

He’s still listed as Chief Creative Officer on DC Comics’ indicia, including comic books out tomorrow.

You can see the current movie direction for Justice League and Wonder Woman as seen at San Diego Comic-Con as directly down to Geoff Johns, and his promotion from a mere CCO to P&CCO reflects this.”

Heroic Hollywood seems to concur:

“Although DC Entertainment declined to comment for this story when pressed, I was able to confirm the promotion through my own sourcing and it is indeed true!

Geoff Johns is not only Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment but President as well.”

This news isn’t shocking.  Johns was an executive producer on ‘Batman V Superman’, ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Wonder Woman’, but after ‘BvS’ arrived and underperformed and was trashed by critics and fans alike, his role was bumped up to producer on ‘Justice League’, ‘The Flash’ and the solo Ben Affleck ‘Batman’ movie.  He is also contributing to the scripts of ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Shazam!’

Zack Snyder directed ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman V Superman’ as well as the upcoming ‘Justice League’ and was expected to be a guiding force on the DC movies going forward, but after audiences rejected ‘BvS’, with one of the biggest complaints (among MANY) being that it wasn’t very faithful to the comics, it appears that Warner Brothers rethought Snyder’s revisionist approach and is now turning to someone who knows nearly all there is to know about DC Comics to translate those characters to the big screen in a more faithful manner.

Warner Brothers has NOT confirmed Johns’ promotion, but when they do, we will update you.

For now, what do you think of Johns’ new position?  Do you think WB has a better shot at rivaling Marvel now?

Source: Screen Rant