The final activity I attended at Comic Con 2016 was most definitely the scariest and most entertaining, which of course means I attended this year’s ‘American Horror Story’ event. It was called the Fearless VR, and was meant to take you inside the depths of fear, which I can attest, it did a pretty amazing job of doing. When you enter the small building they set up, they immediately take you to a circular room, 5 people at a time, where they have you lie on a slab like a dead body in a morgue, and put a white sheet over you, again, like you were a dead body. They then put on the VR goggles and headphones, and you are immediately immersed in the world of the show. Personally, it was a fun ride and not too scary at first, going through being in a morgue with a terrifying nun, being locked in a morgue drawer, burned alive, thrown down an elevator shaft, etc. These things were manageable. However, my own fears came to pass when the clown appeared, and started throwing things at you, all with that sick look on his face, which I assure you, definitely got my heart pounding.

In the end it was a fun experience, which I highly recommended to those around me (despite the long wait), and it definitely helped get its visitors into the spirit (no pun intended) of the show, and some say there were even clues as to the plot of the next season hidden within, which unfortunately, I missed, as I was too absorbed in the happenings around me. Hands down probably my favorite event at SDCC this year, and I hope they do more VR stuff in the coming years, as the technology will only get better, as will their ability to use it for cool promotions like this.

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