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At 93 years-old, Stan Lee hasn’t retired from creating new properties and has just announced a new project which would bring a brand new original superhero to comics, television, and movies.

‘Nitron’ will focus on a “highly intelligence and advanced” alien species called Nitronians who secretly live as part of modern Earth society.  (They don’t sound that intelligent and advanced to me.)  Lee is collaborating with Keya Morgan and Michael Benaroya.  All three will work on the story and serve as producers through Benaroya Pictures, which has already secured $50 million as an initial investment.

Benaroya Publishing will launch the ‘Nitron’ comic book in January and is slated to run for six issues, monthly.

Lee expressed:

“It’s a pleasure to partner with Michael Benaroya and Keya Morgan on ‘Nitron’.  I am excited for everyone to explore the amazing world of ‘Nitron’ with us.”

The hope is that after launching the comic book, that the property will then be adapted to film, television, and digital media.

It’s currently unclear if this will be a solo adventure series with one main protagonist or if this will follow in the pattern of prior Lee creations like ‘The X-Men’ and ‘Inhumans’ which showcase entire races of super beings with an emphasis on a core team.

Lee, of course, is possibly the greatest living icon in the world of comic books, having created the foundation of the Marvel Universe with his writing work on ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘The Avengers’, and more.  He served as the president and chairman of Marvel Comics, but in more recent years has explored his own creations, through his POW! Entertainment brand, founded in 2001.  In 2014, he created Stan Lee Global Entertainment to further develop new properties.

Benaroya is an established producer, having worked on ‘Lawless’ and ‘Cell’ among many other credits.  He and Morgan are currently producing the documentary ‘Marilyn Monroe: Murder On Fifth Helena Drive’, which Morgan is also directing.

More news as it develops.  Are you excited by this new multimedia venture from Stan The Man?

Source: Variety