Big news for fans of there TV Series ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ apparently, Season 3 is gonna be awesome. And that is saying something, because Season 2 was already pretty great, but from the looks of the new trailer released during ‘Star Wars Celebration,’ as well as a new clip featuring Darth Maul, there is some amazing things happening on the show in the new season.

First of all, the trailer, which gives us a lot of new information. So we know for sure that Kanan is blind now, and wears a helmet and sports a full beard, so I suppose there is no tech in the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy capable of fixing him. Next, Ezra has grown up a bit, has shaved his hair, and has a new green lightsaber, and seems to be a much more powerful Jedi, even though he is still using the Sith holocron and seems to be edging closer to the Dark Side. Other than that, my favorite reveal from the trailer is the appearance of Grand Admiral Thrawn! My favorite villain from the old Expanded Universe has finally made its way in the new canon, and it looks like they are doing him justice. He is still of the Chiss species, still a master tactician who learns how to anticipate the moves of his opponents by studying their culture’s art and history, and it definitely seems like he will be a major threat to the Rebel cause this season.

Also released recently is a clip of Darth Maul’s lair from Season 3, where we see Ezra and Kanan arrive to try to save their friends from the Sith Lord. After sending Ezra away, Maul comments to Kanan that he did not mean to blind him, while Kanan replies that he simply meant to kill him. To which Maul replies basically that he should try again, right before sending Kanan out an airlock. It is an exciting scene for a number of reasons, including the fact that Maul will definitely have a role in Season 3, and will continue to try to lead Ezra down the path to the Dark Side.

What are your th0ughts on all the new footage released from ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3? Share your opinions and any theories on the upcoming season in the comments section below!

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